Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today was a relaxing day for the most part on the trip. Lack of sleep had caught up with me and I needed to make an adjustment. I decided to sleep in a couple of hours and it made a difference. The two hours that I allowed myself was deeply needed. Something for this trip that I'm noticing is that with the room not having wi-fi, I'm stuck at the table in the room to do these blog posts AND the chairs are NOT good for long term (>15 minutes) of sitting. The situation is uncomfortable.

I dropped off some gifts at the Luggage Assistance area for some people who live here locally. I then took more boxes and headed over to the Grand Floridian. My former trailer mate from the college program is a high level manager there. At least I thought he was. Turns out he has moved locations. The person behind the concierge desk, Catalina went the extra step and asked me if I would be ok with the chocolates going through interoffice mail to him. I said sure! As a result, she is the second person on this trip to be awarded the AWESOME JOB! card.

The morning was spent tooling around the Magic Kingdom once I got going. I did lots of pictures, esp with the photo pass. Rode the updated Space Mountain. While it wasn't as rough as I remember it, the ride itself wasn't as smooth as Disneyland's version. The games in the queue were OK, but nothing great. On the way out I picked up an ice cold soda. The girl at the register had a new handbook for the rules of Vinylmation trading. She didn't have a date, but I think it's safe to say that the craziness of pin trading and the pin whores out there will have their vinylmation whore counterparts.

The beauty of this trip is the non pressure aspect of the trip to rush, rush rush the attractions. In 2006 I did a similar trip and at that time between the two sides of the country I did every open attraction between the six parks. I don't feel the need try to do or ride EVERYTHING this time around! It makes it soooo much more enjoyable because I only need to do rides that have been updated. I did the Jungle Cruise and Space Mountain only in the Magic Kingdom.

Being in the Magic Kingdom, a dole whip was going to be necessary. I entered Adventureland to find Lilo and Stitch available for pictures with a photopass photographer available. Of course I had my picture taken.

Before I left I asked Stitch if he was up for some mischief. He shook his head yes, so the three of use turned our backsides to the camera and had the moment preserved for future generations!

After the photos, I enjoyed a Dole Whip with a glass of ice water. While I know that I'm not being 100% healthy, I figure it can't hurt to change it up a bit, especially after the tie dye cheesecake and coke the previous evening.

To save the battery, I've been using airplane mode on my phone. I was exploring Columbia Harbor House and turned off the airplane mode. The phone rang and it was John from MouseTimes. He was at Epcot so I ventured over and rode the

Tronorail! He was waiting by the front gate. We had a good time walking around World Showcase and taking pictures.

We rode the boats there in Mexico. John treated me to a type of drink from Japan. The drink is only 7oz of drink but the bottle is designed with a marble that forces the drinker to sip the drink. It was very different and tasty. We tried for dinner at Japan but the plans fell through so we ate at Restaurant Marrakesh. We both had a meal that had some lamb and the mint green tea. The appetizer had goat cheese with balsamic vinegar and some other spices. The whole dinner was delicious and our eyes got a feast on the belly dancer who provided some entertainment.

We closed out the park day at the Studios. The walk from Epcot to the Studios was a nice walk. I wish they could make baby powder that had a topical anesthetic in it! Trips like these to Disney are endurance events, maybe it should be an Olympic sport! This is where the most serendipitous event occurred. With only seven minute to park closing we rode The Great Movie ride that just 20 minutes earlier I poo pooed. I figured from Star Tours it was the only attraction we could get too before the park closed.

Once in the queue, that's when the surprise occurred. Right in front of us was a man and two children. I heard my name called and I looked and it was another person from the college program from 24 years ago! I mean what are the chances! Now to be truthful, he knew I was coming, but exchanged nothing to try to coordinate activities. I was lucky to meet him and his two children.

So another great day on the trip. While I started the day solo, I didn't end it alone! That has been the theme of this trip! Tomorrow, Sunday, I'm hoping to meet up with my old trailer mate from the College Program Jim. We've kept in close touch over the years. He's met up with me when I've visited FL and I've gone down to his hotel when he's visited Hawaii! It will be the last Disney day and then two days at Universal.

The only two Disney activities that I have left are postcards and doing a Kim Possible adventure! I'm excited. I hope you are too!