Friday, March 6, 2009

Involuntary Moves

Well, it has happened again on this past involuntary move from my job for the fourth straight time. Back in 1999 PrimeCo sold me to Sprint. Sprint shut down their Hawaii call center in 2001. Went to CTA. CTA sold out to New Horizons and they hired me in 2005. Now in 2009 New Horizons is attempting to stay afloat by cutting back on staff and I was that staff.

Did I know this was coming? Kinda...there were signs. Funny things happen when you're a cost center and not a revenue generator. Unfortunately, if the sales people don't sell, you have problems. Doesn't matter how much you attempt to contain costs; revenue-expenses=profit and if expenses>'re screwed.

Am I Am I surprised...a little. I thought a couple of other things would happen first before I would be hit. What is very fortunate for me is that I have been debt free for several years and really work to contain my own costs. I also believe in a God that has nothing but good thoughts of me and will not leave me in want. Because of my beliefs and steps that I have taken over the past decade I have a piece of mind that blows my mind.

When I was laid off from Sprint I had someone ask me why I wasn't upset. I said that if you understand that the dog can bite you and it does bite you, why are you upset with the dog? As long as I allow myself to work as an employee, it's always their whim that I'm working for them or not. Same thing this week. The dog bit me. Luckily from this dog bite you can't get rabies (never mind that Hawaii is rabies free)!

What do I do now? Not sure. I've filed for unemployment and now started the process to get set up to take additional training. My time is mine right now....I've never really had this feeling before and it feels really good! Something has always been on the schedule between work or school since I graduated high school. I have a few things to do, but I get to choose when I want to do them. There has been a few things that I've wanted to do but haven't because I worked weekdays. I now get to do those. I have to make sure that I do them!

Do I look at this lay off as a bad thing, no. It's just one of those curve balls that life throws you. I'm going to look at this as a great big opportunity. Let me take that ball, smack it hard and turn that pitch into a home run! This is gonna be fun and I don't mean that sarcastically, it's going to be a grand adventure!!