Monday, May 3, 2010

DC2CERUMA - Day 13

Today was a fantastic day. Ever since I saw the movie Roller Coaster, I've always wanted to visit Magic Mountain. Today was that day. I was pulling into the parking lot after paying my $15 for that little slice of asphalt that would be called mine for those few hours I was visiting and while I was putting the car into park I got choked up. It was similar to how I felt when I stepped into Walt Disney Studios Paris completing my visiting all of the Disney parks globally. A place that I had seen and heard about for 30 years I was finally visiting there in Valencia!

The day started a little rough. I tried to use the complementary computer system in the hotel lobby to buy a package for the visit. I would have received a park admission, parking and a meal for $55. When I tried to order it on line, the computer didn't have the necessary software. They had acrobat 6 and the current version is 10. The result is that when I got to the park, I paid $55 for admission alone. But since the cost of a season pass was the price of a single day full price ticket, I opted for the pass. SO, I am a Six Flags Magic Mountain season pass holder even though I'll probably not be able to make it back while it is valid. The funny thing is when you order on line they in my opinion, distort the savings the list on line. They say to save $22 on line with a single day ticket and they charge you $5 on line processing fee so the savings is really only $17.

After entering the park I was approached by Black Jack Joe, he's one of the people who attended DPN Westfest. On his way home he stopped by MM since he's an annual pass holder. Joe took the time out of his day to show me the ropes of touring this Southern California landmark park. I really appreciate what he did as in the matter of a few hours we had done almost all of the coasters in the park. Luckily the day was DEAD in the park for numbers of people and almost everything was a direct walk on. If we waited, it was maybe one train. We spent more time putting our stuff into the available lockers per the instructions of the attractions than waiting for the coasters themselves. I kept all the receipts and $7 was spent , one dollar at a time, to secure our belongings while we rode.

The first ride of the day was X2. It was crazy! The trains are HUGE and it does take some time to load people. One of my concerns was would I fit. At Universal Florida, there were two coaster trains that I had to use "the big boy" seating. For X2, I fit. Actually, for the whole day, there were a couple of snuggy moments, and the attendants with a little effort got me into each of the harnesses when necessary but I didn't have any problems overall! Before Black Jack Joe left for the day to continue his trip to Northern California we had done all of the roller coasters except Revolution and Viper. I would be able to do those two on my own.

During the course of the day I was able to give out not one, but TWO Awesome Job cards! The first went to Noelle. Joe and I were walking by her whack a mole booth. I had my camera around my neck.
She stopped us to ask if we would like our picture taken. Normally you have to ask employees to do it, but she just volunteered. She took the shot then Joe and I went and rode Batman and Riddler before I returned to offer her the card. She was totally stoked. She even had her supervisor come over and be in the shot that I snapped with my camera phone!

The second went to Nari. We were riding the Canyon Blaster (Hey, it's a coaster credit!). The operator Nari asked it we wanted to go again. The riders said yes so she hit the button and we were off for a second time! We didn't have to get off or anything. it was cool. I laughed up a storm! So good going to Noelle and Nari on their Awesome Job cards! You both earned those little cards!

NOW, there was one person who shouldn't be in her position. She wasn't Doosh worthy, but the interactions should have been different. I went to SFMM Guest Relations to pass along my comments. Amanda listed to me talk about their team members and she did NOTHING to acknowledge what I was talking about. No excitement in her voice, no real acknowledgment, no nuttin from her. Something that I thought should be recognized is how many of the employees would recognize me as BJJ and myself or just myself would say "Have a Six Flags day" or some other words of acknowledgment. I know that in 5 star hotels, when you get within so many feet of an employee they are to acknowledge you. It was rather nice. Although, I wish they could do something about their uniforms that are the dayglo yellow/green that ask you to pick up your trash.

In the park I paid for water, not once but twice. The first time I was parched. The nearest water fountains were broken. I was dry in the mouth and sweating quite a bit. Similarly, I know that I complained about the cost of a 20oz coke at Disney with WDW at $2.55 and DLR at $3.03, but for that same bottle at SFMM, $3.75!! Only did one of those! I had a burger at Katy's Kettle. The burger was cold, but the onion rings were good! To make up for the bad burger, I stopped at In-n-Out burger in Fullerton and had the Double Double with fries and a large drink for dinner!

So as you can see it was a real good day. I got to accomplish a goal of visiting Magic Mountain, I gave out two Awesome Job cards and I got In-n-Out Burger. I don't think it could have gotten much better!

Tomorrow is my last full theme park day, it will be Universal Hollywood. I should only have to pay for parking and food! Day 14 will bring me to my 10th theme park in this two week trip. That info is just blowing my mind! I've done theme parks or theme park related for two solid weeks. Texting with an old employee who now lives here and it looks like I might have company to Universal. Whoo hoo!

So, there should be 3 more posts covering the full day, the partial day on Wednesday and then some sort of recap. For those of you who have followed along this far, thank you. I hope that I haven't bored you and provided you some entertainment!