Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

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It is said that everything in the world today was designed twice, first in the mind and then in the real world. The mind controls everything, it can hide the greatest secrets and imagine and create beyond what we see and hear today. In our mind the laws of physics can be bent and played with in any way that we want. In Inception Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team must navigate through these challenges and obstacles to extract secrets locked in someone's mind. Corporate espionage was never so tricky.

In one last attempt that will finally allow Cobb to return home to his children, he and his team are being asked to implant a thought into the target's mind. The challenge is how to implant the idea in such a way that the target will accept it as something that germinated from their own mind and not be rejected as a foreign rogue thought? This hurdle is what Cobb and his inception team must overcome to pull off this daring exploit.

The movie is written and directed by Christopher Nolan who gave us the mind bending The Prestige and the action of The Dark Knight. Inception combines the two into this mind bending action movie. Visually the movie is stunning. Real locations in Japan, Morocco, England, Paris, Canada and the US were used so that even though were are supposed to be in dream worlds they seem very real. At times we were left trying to figure out what is real and what is the dream. During the two hours and 22 minute running time, some of this could have been trimmed down slightly as we listen to characters giving us exposition explaining to us what is happening in the different dream worlds.

In the end we are left wondering about our own world and what is reality and what is the dream just as Nolan leaves us wondering at the end for Cobb of what was his reality and what was his dream. The movie is rated PG for sequences of action and violence throughout.

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