Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aulani Photo Update for May 19, 2011

Aulani Sand Writing
To see the whole collection of pictures from today's shoot go here.

It's been two days of Aulani. Yesterday was the Job Quest event and today was another trip out to the resort to once again review what progress has been made.

First thing I noticed heading to the property was that the DVC kiosk had moved from the back of the property near the beach to the front corner of Olani and Aliinui Dr. It's previous location is walled up while they do construction behind a new wall.

On the side and towards the back of the resort, based on what I viewed on the Samantha Brown Aulani DVC video, they are building the spa area. I spoke with someone today who had applied for a massage therapist position and she was told that the spa will have 18,000 square feet indoors and 5,000 square feet outdoors. That's pretty huge!

More plants and trees are in place or being put in place including a big cactus. I have no idea what that is doing there and can't wait to find out why! Although, you will find cacti in several places including a large collection at the Koko Crater Botanical Garden.

Lastly the construction wall along the front of the property facing Aliinui Dr was being pushed back as I was taking photos. The part of the pedestrian sidewalk that was blocked by the construction wall is now showing AND the entrance driveway and its cuts are exposed and taking shape.

New Sidewalk

Driveway Out

Driveway In

Moving the wall

And the porte cochere as you'll see from across the street
Porte Cochere
To see the whole collection of pictures from today's shoot go here.