Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aulani Construction update for July 30

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I received another message last week informing me that the construction wall along beach side had been removed. When I went out, there were thirty days left before the resort is to open.
  • Coming in the guard shack has a new Ko Olina resort sign.

  • There are now a couple of Ko Olina resort direction signs in the median.
    Pic Pic

  • Around the front and Diamond Head side of Aulani, there is new grass planted and the irrigation systems are in place.
    Before After Pic Pic

  • The kiosk in the front is now gone. It has been replaced with one beach side once again!
    Front Before Front Front Back Back

  • The sign for the resort has the name, but not the title

  • Those items that I thought might be torches are. I was shown a picture of a unit and it looked cool! There were several units in the front of the resort that are now darkened and had their bases removed. Looks like they were working on them. I imagine they would contain an electric start.
    Before After

  • There was additional plant work still being doing in the front. A couple of utility boxes are now being hidden by puakinikini plants and a tree was arriving at the resort.
    Pic Pic
The main changes were the back with the removal of the construction wall. I got as we say in Hawaii, chicken skin....other places would say goose bumps! The area looks amazing!
  • There is a place where cactus is growing. Yes Hawaii does have some dry zones!

  • There is new lighting. There is path lighting and what looked like atmosphere lighting. It looked a little modern for the area, but I'm sure once I see it at night, it will look good. For Atmosphere there were two types. The first is a large bubble sitting on the ground. The other is a unit with three small white globes about the size of a golf ball. I'm wondering if they have LED lighting and can change color!
    Pic Big spheres Small Spheres

  • The staff was doing rehearsals. One was for a pool party for the kids. There was a man in an outfit that was practicing his speech with a script. I don't know if he was going to be for the pool party.
    Pic Pic

  • The beach had what appeared to be a small version of a Hawaiian double hulled sailing canoe which has been used in their commercials and updates. There were also lime green stand up paddle boards that may be Disney's. There were a number of them out and the Marriott said they weren't theirs.
Lastly, spoiler alert! As you walk along the beach path and if you look at the Disney property, you will see menehune and lava animals. These fun discoveries have been talked about for some time. For the regular update section, I have not included these pictures in case you want to see them when you come out for a visit. If you would like to see the ones that can be seen as you follow the beach walkway around the lagoon you can check out this special set over on my Flickr site.
Spoiler pics

To those people who have helped be my eyes and ears as to what's happening at the resort, a big mahalo for your continued help and support.

If you are on Oahu on September 3, I'm want to get together with people out at Aulani to walk around the grounds and maybe go for some food. If you're interested, please contact me so I can get an idea of numbers!

To see the full collection of update photos go here