Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fall 2018 Theme Park Trip-Days 12 and 13

After three days at Cedar Point, it was time to head down south to the warmer weather. After 24 hours there, not having problems with a runny nose!  Yea!

One of the issues I had in Cleveland was the blue tooth connection in the vehicle. Had no problems in Knoxville or Boston. I tried several items to get the bluetooth to work with the Sync in the Ford vehicle, but no luck. As I get to select my car I was looking for 1) a covered back so as I ran around today people couldn't see the items in the car and 2) blue tooth and not a USB or AUX input because of the type of phone that I have. After trying several different cars, I ended back in the same type of car I had in Cleveland. UGH!  But, this one had the manual still in the glove compartment. Blue tooth is NOT in the index, you had to look up phone and media and then found what I needed. Apparently because I have Android, I have to get a special app to worth with a car's blue tooth.  Not  a happy camper, but I eventually got it working 45 minutes after getting down to the agency to select my car.

From there it was over to Fun Spot. Got the unlimited band that would allow me to both locations. Did Mine Blower several times. Really liked it!  Good job Gravity Group! Next door at Old Town was the ride called Vomatron. I saw one in Hawaii about a decade ago and decided since one was there I would do it. Unfortunately, all the pictures they took came out blurry so other than a receipt, I have no proof. Did one of the two go-kart tracks they have at the Kissimmee location. Unfortunately one of the two was down for repairs but it was great to try for the first time!

Heading into Orlando, it was Star Flyer time. Really surprised me as it was more forceful rotation speed that I anticipated. I really am not afraid of heights, but I started to rotate. If you ever watched the video of the Tacoma Narrows bridge oscillation, that was me with my rotation a little at first and then eventually, I was facing the people behind me. It freaked me out a bit. I wasn't trying to get it to rotate, but when I asked the attendant why, she was clueless.

Since I was there, did the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum. Can say I've been in one and not sure I would do it again.

At the Orlando Fun Spot location, I did the coasters there and also the go-karts. On the one track called Thrasher, there was no one waiting in line and me and the one other guy on the track were allowed to keep going and going and going. I finally got the hang of it and it was sort of like drifting. Between the coasters and the go-karts, I got my money's worth of the band use!

At the hotel, I learned that Google Maps gives you wrong directions. They need to put up a big sign saying if you don't turn to the left or right at the one set of lights, you will have to go to Lake Buena Vista and turn around!

The hotel is nice. It opened about a month ago, but it still has some bugs to work out. After I got myself settled down found out that a couple of other coaster buds are checked into the same hotel as they posted on FB their view. Much nicer than mine as I have a view of the garage. Hope to run into them later. After using the room and property a bit, have some feed back for them. One of the items is that they provide coffee in the room. When I asked about tea, was told that I can go to the Urban Pantry or Starbucks to order some. There is a note pad with pen and keeping there in the old fashioned way. So many items are controlled by the iPad and at least the pen and paper are not.

I had a friend who was supposed to get me a discount for park admission. Unfortunately, that fell through so I got on-line and ordered my ticket. Universal is having a special offer where you you get extra admissions for use within a week. I might use it on Thursday.

The room uses an iPad like device to control everything. Set the alarm and figured I'd walk over in the AM. Discovered that the alarm is not that loud and the pathway isn't really clearly marked. Used the bus to get over the parks. I've learned through experience that by using a fanny pack, yeah, I know it looks dumb, but when it comes to going through security, it makes things so much easier. Same thing when you have to put items in a locker for the rides.

Spent the day getting on those items that are new to me like the Jimmy Fallon and Fast and Furious rides as the targets but then just walking around and enjoying the place. With all the go-go-go that I've been doing I did something that I usually don't do, but decided to head back to the hotel and take a nap. I took the path that I was looking for this morning and discovered that they really don't have it marked well and have made notes to give the hotel. As for the nap, it was so worth it. Even with the curtains open, I fell asleep. It was needed.

After heading back into the parks after following the path, this time it was only a 20 minute walk into Islands of Adventure, hit up more rides and just taking in the place. The pathway has some very nice views. Something that really hit me as I was riding the Hulk roller coaster is that these are big mammoth machines and that as a rider you really have to believe that both the manufacturer and park have your best interest in heart when they give you their instructions. You really do have to have faith that the restraints are going to hold you in place and I chose to believe them. While I might have those funny feelings in my lower tummy and I'm being turned upside down, I can rest assured that the restraints and physics are going to hold me in place!

Back to the two coaster buddies. Ran into them and chatted for a few minutes. Tomorrow will probably send more time with them and hopefully some others at the Horror Nights event.

Something that I did today that was bad...I completely threw the eating habits out the window. Something that I did today which makes me proud...managed to get back to my room, put on my gym clothes and put in several miles on the treadmill at the gym in the hotel.

Additionally, I was contacted by work yesterday about a certain report. Some software was supposed to be updated so a new processed would have run the report but the software failed and had to drop back to the old method. Luckily I was in my room and had access to a computer. Today, had a question about a process. Luckily it was a simple text answer.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day with early entry and then the Horror nights event. It might be very practical to take a break in the afternoon.