Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today was a beautifully mellow day! It was my last day at Walt Disney World before two exciting days at Universal Orlando Resort. It was going to be my day to enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. The day did not disappoint on many levels.

The day started a bit late. The time zone difference and with all the running around. I spent extra time getting ready the morning. Yesterday was the first time that I wore as we say in Hawaii, rubbah slippahs for the entire day. It wasn't bad until just before getting back to Pop. I had a feeling on my foot like a blister was forming. It hadn't, but it was on it's way if I had not headed it off with going back to the sneakers and double socks. Extra baby powder was also in order.

Once in the park I used photopass again and again and again.

I was milking that for all it's going to be worth! Photos for F&G items and then went to Inoventions about the Kim Possible Adventure. There I met Ricky and did a little filming. This guy was in a wheel chair with no legs and hand issues. He was a cast member for the KPA and explained it. He recommended Germany and got me started after a couple of adjustments. Before I left, he grabbed my hand to shake his as I personally wasn't sure what to do because his right hand had a thumb but the other fingers were stumped. He used his left hand to help complete the shake. He took the lead in figuring out what for me was awkward because I wasn't sure what to do. After doing the KPA, I went back later in the day to try to find him to give him my Awesome Job card but he wasn't there. I'm going to make sure that I contact Disney about how he handled himself and that the recommendation was right on!

Did the Great Piggy Band Adventure and headed to Club Cool. I drank a Beverly in honor of all my hommies and peeps who couldn't be there.
I met up again with John Corigliano from Mousetimes as we set about to do the KPA. As we were entering World Showcase there was an alligator snapping turtle that was trying to get onto the walk way but eventually went back into the water. Together we did three KP Adventures, Germany, Japan and France. They were all very fun and would recommend them to anyone. Along the way we met a princess, eat snacks, talk to a cast member from Kiyoshu who explained the brown square with teeth called Domo and had fun cutting loose while John recorded the adventures!

John and I enjoyed Impression de France and got Fish and Chips to eat from the UK where were gave part of our chips to the seagulls and ducks. We headed into the old Millennium Village to watch part of the dance competition that was happening that weekend. There were teams from all over the world. While we may think it dorky, gotta give them props for those routines!

After enjoying Marty Short and his problems playing Hockey, John and I made a bee line for the old Wonders of Life pavillion that was housing the F&G festival center.
They had a few display items, many heavily pushing the local Florida agriculture. I picked up a limited edition of the Flower and Garden vinylmation that I will use as a give away. I really LOVE the package delivery service. I really wish Disneyland would implement such a service or at serivce to drop off the items at the front of park. it was great not having to worry about carrying around a bag even if the item was a small item!

After John and I returned to Innoventions to try to find Ricky, we did the Stormchasers. I really like what they did to simulate a house blowing away in a storm. Hawaii like Florida has the potential for high hurrican damage and while I knew some of the information, there was more that I didn't know. Before John left for the day together we did the piggy bank adventure. The technology there with the pig itself is cute. I particularly liked when you had "money" in the bank when you shook the bank you could hear the coins jingle. It's that sort of detail that allows Disney to stand apart from everyone else.

Off in the distance there were dark clouds and then you could hear the faint rumbling of thunder and the flashes of lightning that interuppted my picture taking at Imagination. I wish they would do a bit of tweeking to this attraction. With the two changes, the underlying concepts for imagination has gotten blurred and in some cases lost. Oh well, Dreamfinder was past and is not current, unfortunately. I had just managed to make it to the bus stop when the heveans opened up. The rain was blowing sideways! It cut my day short by a few hours, but there was a positive to it.

My former trailermate from the College Program lives here in Florida and was attending a conference while I've been here. Since I was back at the room earlier, we were able to get together. We had dinner at Ragalan Road at Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney. We ate and had a good time catching up with each other. He presented me with something from one of his friends that will help me with Universal over the next two days. Again, my sincere thanks for the assistance that will be provided over the upcoming 48 hours. We managed to close up Raglan Road. I'm sure if they had live entertainment that night, we would have been able to stay until later.

one part that I really enjoyed today took place up at the Imagination water area. I was taking some video of the water in action as well as the passing monorail trains as others would come up to have their picture taken. I would volunteer to take a shot so everyone could be in it. I did this about half a dozen times. I had fun helping them and they really enjoying having a picture with everyone in it.

While today was mellow, I'm expecting high energy as I venture to Universal Orlando Resort for the first time! I will be putty in my tour guides hands as they expertly and adeptly show me the ins and outs of UOR. Following this I'm sure that interesting conversations are going to happen on In The Loop podcast. That is I'm hoping to make it. As I write this the thunder and lightning is still happening at the rain is coming down.