Thursday, April 29, 2010


While today is officially the start of DPN Westfest, there is nothing on the schedule until tonight for a mixer at the Lost Bar over at the Disneyland hotel. This morning allowed me a breather. When I hit the sack last night, I was out. My roomie Brian came in a got ready for bed and I didn't stir. I got up to nature's call at 6:30 and then went back to bed until about 8ish when Brian's alarms for him to get up and meet people for breakfast started to go off. No Problem!

He went off and I stayed in the room. First I had a massive headache and second, I needed to play catch up. I was sooooo tired yesterday that I didn't do an entry. I did it this morning. I played on the computer a bit. No problems with the internet connection today! The maid was surprised I was there. I watched her and she was confused that I was still in the room. I hung in the room resting until about 11 when I got ready and headed over to the parks.

I had a mission today. I needed to see if I could get a cast member or two from the Aladdin show to meet people after my DPN Westfest event, "One Last Time with Aladdin and Jamine" meet. I started asking the questioning in Orlando at the guest relations building in Town Hall at the Magic Kingdom. They said I had to talk to Disneyland directly. No luck getting to someone. Automated system saying they were closed when I called.

On property, I contact GR in Disneyland and told that NO, it was not possible. Come on people, this is Disney, "Where dreams Come True" is thier motto. Go to Disney's California Adventure and the lady there tells me to check with the show. I go over to the Hyperion Theater and the girl there says I need to go back to GR and ask to speak with Entertainment One. I do that and was told that I needed to contact publicity. I did that and they pass me over to media relations. I call them and get handed off to a voice mail box asking me for the VM Box number. I have no idea. So I call back and get connected to the mail box of hopefully the right person who can help with this. As of righting this, I haven't been able to speak with the person who supposedly can help me. I'm hoping they come through as I would like to give away another AWESOME JOB card instead of a possible doosh nomination We'll see and I'll keep you posted.

For my lunch I went to Taste Pilots for the X-5 ribs.

It comes with fries and cole saw. I get onion rings instead of the fries. They have a huge fixin bar but I only grab some dill pickle slices. I love this lunch. I usually have this combo one and possibly twice per trip!

That afternoon hung with some people and we did a number of rides. As we came out of the haunted mansion, there was this sight. There was a family of four. The wife was in an electric convenience vehicle as well as the husband. They parked by the Mansion and the husband got off his scooter and started walking towards Splash Mountain.

It was as this time I realized that the husband and the kids were wearing Pajamas. I had to do a double time but did get a shot. Reaction has been interesting to say the least.

After the rides, I came back to the room for a little bit before hitting the official first event of the DPN Westfest schedule! It was a good time. Meeting with with people with whom you've had conversations, people you saw last year, people who are new to the event., it was good to see and meet them all! It was overall a fun time! I left a little early to be able to blog with a better sense of mind, but I'm nodding off right now, big time.

Tomorrow I have my give away items, the biggest being my Awesome Job card to the person who gets me connect up with the actors/actresses. For the meet I have a number of cool items to give away including shirts from Hong Kong. I have 100 buttons made for the event. While it would be cool if I gave them all out. The first is the meet button and the second is a generic podcast MMCTV button. Hopefully I will run out!